Apache sole integration with aem

In this article I am going to explain how to integrate Apache Solr with AEM standalone instance, if you are new to Solr then I would recommend you to read below articles to get some idea on Solr

I hope you already installed Apache Solr by following the second link and created core directory, if you are not done then I would recommend  you to install Solr first

Apache Solr Integration with AEM

The first step is go to configMgr of AEM and select server type to remote Solr in Apache Jackrabbit Oak Solr server provider
Go to the RemoteSolrServerConfigurationProvider and enter Solr HTTP URL = “”, the core_directory is the core which you have created to index uploaded data
Go to the crx/de/index.jsp of aem instance and create a solrIndex node below the oak:index something like below

node name solrIndex
primaryType oak:QueryIndexDefintion
type solr
async async

You have successfully completed all configurations from AEM side, now perform search in Solr dashboard to check AEM content is indexed on not by simply hitting below Url and enter a keyword called geometrixx, if you see below dashboard by populating some records then the integration is successful

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2 thought on “Integrate Apache Solr with AEM”
  1. Hi Raj,
    I am working with solr and to crawl the site I’m using nutch crawler. Can you suggest me on this like how to integrate nutch with solr and also integrating solr with AEM
    Thank you

  2. Hi Raj,
    I am working with AEM 6.3;There is no error;instead of Geometrixx I search on we-retail and some my pages; but it is not working with this.what should I do?

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