Creating template definition

The template folder structure contains three pages which are template, template-types, and policies. First, we are going to see template-types, then policies and finally templates.
Under the template-types page, we need to create template definitions the template definitions are actual templates, to avoid the confusion here I am calling template as template definitions, using these template definitions the template authors who have special permissions will create templates.

  • Right click on template-types folder and select create, create template option.
  • You will see below template dialog.

The template dialog will ask you to enter information about the template, you need to enter the following information

  • Label : The AEM will create a node on this name for a template in the repository.
  • Title : Title of the template and it will be displayed in the dialog while creating a new template using template dashboard
  • Description : Assign a description to the template.
  • Resource Type : While creating a new page using a template, the resource type will tell what is the page component it should use to create a page.
    • Ex: /apps/aemtraining/components/structure/page
  • Ranking : In the new page dialog where this template should appear. ranking 1 template appears in the top of the list
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Ok

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